Room Makeover: Entryway

A good entryway should be functional and attractive, at least according to what I’ve read.  Ours, unfortunately, was neither. I’m terrible about taking “before” pictures, but this might give you an idea.


(Pardon the cavernous hole on the left side — that’s the library, and hopefully the next room to get a makeover.)

It’s hard to tell from this picture, but that is not a lovely shade of green on the wall. It’s actually quite hideous. In fact, I think that is Evan’s favorite part of the entire makeover: to be rid of that green. Of course, having a place to actually store our shoes isn’t bad either.

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View of a Room: Nursery

Hello friends, family and random strangers on the internet! It has been a long time since we wrote anything here. So much has happened. The two are connected. =)

This is the first post in a tour of our new home in Illinois. Well, 130 years new. And so, I now present to you, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen… The Nursery.

Even though the nursery was one of the last rooms to really get our attention, it is finally done – more or less. And just in time, too! Jeannie is so ready to have this baby.

The Changing Table

Changing table and shelves.
Changing table and shelves.

First, we’ll get the dirty work out of the way. This is a changing table. Or so I’m told. I’m also told that babies don’t know how to properly use the modern essentials the way I expected they would.

The table is actually a “repurposed” dresser. It is a genuine antique from Los Angeles. Which means the drawers don’t work properly. Thankfully, Jeannie doesn’t mind. It has “character.”

The shelves aren’t antique, but they don’t have drawers so it doesn’t matter. But it does have character.

Both were actually awesome finds on craigslist.

Second, we’ll examine the items on the shelves. On the top shelf is the baby book. Classic Pooh style. Next to it is an amazing wrap thing. Jeannie and I both like the idea of “baby wearing,” and this wrap fits both of us! (Yes, we’ve both already tried it on for size.) The book and wrap were both gifts. Thank you!

On the next two shelves down are items required for use with the aforementioned table. These are the things that get “changed.” Some of them are these fancy new cloth diapers that I never had as a kid. They’re normally very expensive, but we scored a bunch at a garage sale. (Don’t worry, they’re not used.) The rest are the regular cloth kind. Not fancy, but soft and happy. Those were “inherited.” Thanks again!

Finally, on the bottom shelf is a laundry basket that will not stay empty much longer. The chalkboard thing on the front will have Baby’s name on it, once we get that detail figured out. (We’re leaning toward Hezekiah King Griffis Pederson, IV, but it’s subject to change. Especially if it doesn’t fit on the chalkboard. Or if Baby is a girl.)

The window “treatments” are new. Jeannie just finished them. Aren’t they cute?

Moving on, we find…

The Rocking Chair

The rocking chair.
The rocking chair.

This picture is deceptive. It looks like a simple chair and table,  but it is oh so much more than that. The chair is from somewhere in parts north. Jeannie’s mom found it for us. The quilt is from other parts north. Jeannie fell in love with it and that’s all there is to that story. The little rug on the floor doesn’t have an interesting story at all. The table, though…. well, let me tell you about the table. It’s another craigslist find from Glendale. Not Glendale, CA. Glendale, MO. Did you know that there’s a Glendale in Missouri? Neither did I until we found this table.

The cabinet on the wall is from a Store. I thought it would be hard to put up. Turns out it was. Kind of. But not really. Jeannie was very happy when it was done, because it had been sitting on the changing table not being useful at all. On top of the cabinet are three things from Our Youth. On the far end is Jeannie’s bank from when she was a wee little one. In the middle is The Purple Cow. It was Jeannie’s favorite toy when she was little. It’s not really purple anymore, because she chewed most of the paint off. That’s why people worry about lead based paint on toys.  On the near end is a cup that my Abuelita gave me when I was a wee little one. It used to have my name on it, but it doesn’t now. The dishwasher took it off. That’s why people worry about things being dishwasher safe.

I would keep going, but Jeannie says that’s plenty. (She’s usually right.)

The Crib

A crib.
The Crib with Classic Pooh

This is Baby’s crib. It has classic Pooh padding and stuff and it’s all cute and cuddly. Baby won’t actually sleep here all of the time. We think it would get lonely. But when it does, it will dream of honey and heffalumps and woozles.

I have to go now. Baby is on the way. backson.