The Fight for Life: What You Can Do

I doubt anyone who reads our blog is unaware of what is happening in America right now regarding abortion. There are protests happening at Planned Parenthood locations all across the country today. If you are unable to attend one, or if you just want a place to start in the fight for life, here are a few ideas. There should be at least a few things that you can do,  regardless of your circumstances!

— Pray. If you can’t find the words, pray through Psalm 139. There is also a 30 day pro-life prayer devotional here.

— Post something pro-life on Facebook: an article link, a quote,  a picture of fetal development, or just what is on your own heart. Change the status to public so others can share it (otherwise it’s only visible to your mutual friends). This also means if your friends like or comment on it, it may show up in their friends’ newsfeeds. You never know who might see it!

— Consider signing a petition. Petitions often close without warning,  but at the time of this writing,  here are live petitions to defund Planned Parenthood, ask the White House to watch the videos ,  and request Congress to investigate Planned Parenthood.

— Support your local crisis pregnancy center. There are dozens of ways to do this, from volunteering to monetary donations. If your budget is tight, drop by with cookies for the counselors and tell them you support them! Ask for a list of prayer requests. And a list of needs (diapers in larger sizes and formula are pretty much givens). I could write an entire blog post on how to support your local CPC, so I’ll do that next week. But today, at least know where yours is located  (Google “crisis pregnancy center” + the name of your town, or check

One last thing: please be kind when engaging abortion advocates. A shocking one in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime. Often the most outspoken, angry pro-abortion people you speak to are living with the reality of abortion, although they rarely announce it. Speak truth and hope in love. Jesus died for these people.